We won Kiip Build Fund

Alphanoize won the a USD 5k build fund of Kiip ! See all winners here. Thank you !!!



Even Frenchmen love cheese

The french online magazine Android-Games FR wrote a petite review. Read it here





Review: CheeseMan Brings Super Meat Boy Style Platforming To Android

Phandroid made a nice review of CheeseMan for Android. Get it here !




CheeseMan is available on Android for FREE !!!

Go to Google Play and enjoy !





Cheeseman Featured by Apple

CheeseMan is featured by Apple in iTunes as New & Noteworthy. Check at iTunes




CheeseMan got 5/5 from RecoReviews

  • The graphics within this game are very good and stand out
  • this application is worth the money
  • exiting sounds that make you want to click start and get into the game

Read the whole review here


A short IndieGames Article

IndieGames Weblog wrote about CheeseMan !!!!


We are on KOTAKU !!!

Kotaku, one of the most famous video games-focused blog, wrote about CheeseMan. The author seems no to be very positive about the toch controls, but nevertheless, it’s KOTAKU !!!!!!!!

Read the complete story .

Pocketgamer Silver Award

Pocketgamer Silver Award !!!

CheeseMan won a silver award by Pocketgamer !!!

  • It’s a tricky, hyperactive love letter to the past and the present
  • In an average session you’ll be beset by spikes, circular saws, gaping chasms, projectile-spewing pipes, and crumbly platforms that disappear beneath your cheesy feet.
  • CheeseMan knows exactly what it is – a slick and pure platformer – and it doesn’t try to be anything other than that

Thank you, Pocketgamer ;)

4 stars

AppTudes gave 4/5 stars

AppTudes gave 4/5 stars for CheeseMan

  • CheeseMan puts the ‘hard’ in hardcore platformer
  • You’ll already be hopelessly hooked by CheeseMan‘s tight controls and minimalist graphical style
  • CheeseMan‘s dedication to simplicity and demand for perfection is quite charming

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